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Live, Remote Debugging

Debug any application, anywhere, without having to add code or stop your app.
Increase your development velocity by saving time otherwise spent on reproducing issues locally.
Debug anywhere, including in cloud-native Dev and Staging environments, on-prem monoliths, Kubernetes, Lambda, and a wide range of technologies and deployments.

Production Debugging

Debug your application in production and slash incident resolution time by 80%.
Catch bugs in their natural habitat and save the effort of replicating a complex environment.
Empower your developers and DevOps teams to troubleshoot live code in real time.

Dynamic Logs and Metrics

Add log lines and track events on the fly, without waiting for a code change.
Save unnecessary releases and risky hotfixes by fetching code level data with the click of a button.
Pipeline data into your favorite observability and collaboration tools with no additional effort.
Give your team the visibility they need into the behavior of their code without security or performance risks.

Tracing and Profiling

Obtain full observability without writing new code.
Integrate with OpenTracing solutions to gain a deeper understanding of your code’s behavior.
Measure application performance in a developer-friendly experience.Enrich your debugging workflow with timing, CPU, Memory and additional insights.

What our customers are saying

What our customers are saying

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