Oded is Rookout's Product lead. He's an experienced software engineer and product manager. Oded is a true believer in having fun while working together. He is also the founder of the Board Games in Tel-Aviv Meetup group, and Co-Founder of The Party™ team.

art of opening the perfect bug

The lost, ancient art of opening the perfect bug

If you’ve written code for LoadRunner, you may have been lucky enough to work with The Master. If you were calm and patient, you may have even been shown The Way. The great secret. The lost, ancient art of opening the perfect bug. A bug that no dev can close as “description not clear/does not…

New year's resolutions

Pet projects and New Year’s resolutions

The holiday season is the perfect time for working on my pet project. Everyone is off with their families. Email is quiet, Github is silent, Jira is calm. Even the customers are taking some time off. Which means I can use this opportunity to invest in what really matters. Of course, I could spend some quality…

How I met your debugger

How I met your Debugger

Kids, today I’m going to tell you how I met your debugger. You see, back in the summer of 2010 I was fresh out of Uni and trying to prove myself at my first job – a small startup in the world of retail. My first major assignment was developing an Explorer add-in to a…