Rookout Revamps Biocatch’s Production Debugging Workflow

Aviram Hassan
Backend Team Lead
There's simply no other solution like Rookout’s Non- Breaking Breakpoints that gives my developers such a high level of insight into what is happening in our production environments.

BioCatch is the leader in Behavioral Biometrics, which analyzes an online user’s physical and cognitive digital behavior to protect individuals and their assets. Their mission is to unlock the power of behavior and deliver actionable insights to create a digital world where identity, trust, and ease seamlessly co-exist.

When it came to debugging, especially in their production environments, BioCatch found that the processes their developers were using simply weren’t efficient. They had been focusing too much time and energy on getting the data they needed, rather than finding the source of the bug. It became apparent that a solution was needed that would give the team a high level of insight into what’s happening in their code.

BioCatch sought to overcome these challenges by searching for a production-level live debugging tool that would give their developers the ability to debug in their production environment in a quick, easy, and efficient way.

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