Rookout Helped Enhance CyberMDX's Developer Productivity

Or Nisan
Director of R&D
With Rookout, my engineers invest much less time and frustration in finding problems and validating fixes. They saved many working hours, leading to unprecedented development velocity and productivity.

CyberMDX is a healthcare cybersecurity provider that delivers network visibility and threat prevention for medical devices and clinical assets. CyberMDX offers continuous network endpoint discovery, comprehensive risk assessment, and AI-assisted containment and response measures.

When it comes to debugging, especially in production environments, getting the information developers need, when they need it, can be very difficult. CyberMDX found that not only was it taking an extremely long time for their developers to debug, but that they also weren’t able to cover all cases and get the relevant information they needed.

CyberMDX sought to overcome these challenges by searching for a solution that would help their developers achieve a quick, efficient, and easy way to find and debug in the team’s development and production systems.

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