Rookout Helped Enhance CyberMDX's Developer Productivity

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We found the adoption process to be easy to set up and were able to hit the ground running from the start.

The team found that the flexibility of Rookout’s solution really helped make the deployment a smooth process. They also noted their appreciation for how Rookout was able to handle their complex setup – given that their product has a lot of different technologies and moving parts – as well as a strong emphasis on security.

As a healthcare cybersecurity provider, CyberMDX must adhere to strict security legislation. Rookout is HIPAA , SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 compliant, and so was able to adhere to the highest security levels necessary.

Results: How Rookout Helped

By implementing Rookout, Or and his team at CyberMDX were able to improve many of their KPIs. Most notable among those improvements was debugging time, starting with debugging critical bugs in production, soon expanding to the entire development cycle: “When we started working further with Rookout in development and staging environments, my team’s implementation time was cut shorter and shorter. The developers were then able to find and understand unexpected behaviors within only a few clicks”, said Or.

According to Or, “Now, my engineers can invest much less time and frustration in finding problems and validating fixes. Instead, they saved many working hours, leading to unprecedented development velocity and productivity”.

They were so pleased with the results that in Or’s words:

After you realize the amount of time Rookout can save you, you won’t need to consider anymore.