Rookout Transforms Flytrex’s Ability To Debug In Production

Imri Goldberg
Using Rookout allows us to still collect information from a live production environment as we want it and without deploying any changes, which is a major force multiplier for us when investigating issues in regulated environments.

Flytrex is a real-world drone delivery service that is fully autonomous, regulatory approved, and insured. They are part of the Federal Aviation Administration UAS Integration Pilot Program (FAA IPP) and have partnered with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to standardize backyard drone delivery. Today there’s a lot of demand for drone deliveries, especially because of COVID 19. People are looking for less human contact when doing deliveries and it’s a faster and more efficient way.

Flytrex’s drones are complex entities that include software, hardware, embedded code, and operations. When it comes to debugging in production environments, ensuring that the right tools are available to do so is crucial. Flytrex understood that a live debugging tool was necessary, as they needed the ability to get data from their running applications without stopping or breaking code, while their drones remained in flight and comply with strict regulations. 

Flytrex sought to overcome these challenges by searching for a solution that would help their developers achieve a quick, efficient, and easy way to find and debug in the team’s development and production systems.

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