Rookout Improved OptimalQ's Developer Workflow

Yechiel Levi
CTO and Co-Founder
The introduction of Rookout into our software significantly reduced the time our developers spend on production maintenance tasks, thus instead allowing our developers to focus on value creating tasks.

By getting engineers the data they need to optimize their workflows, Rookout significantly reduced wasted time debugging in production.

OptimalQ handles production systems for large companies, helping them to engage with their customers when the customer is both physically and mentally available. OptimalQ’s system is a distributed system built of multiple microservice, where they have to trace through all the different microservices in order to find the data on the bug they are trying to fix.

When it comes to debugging in production, being able to identify and pinpoint bugs is a daunting task. A significant amount of developers’ time is spent researching production issues, and as many bugs are data relative, they are difficult to reproduce and keep track of. Additionally, the overuse of log lines to do just can necessitate many hours and endless production cycles, pulling developers away from focusing on value creating tasks.

OptimalQ sought to overcome these challenges by helping their developers to debug in production and maintain their high performance and velocity.

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