Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see my private repos (Github)?
Why do you need write access to repos(Github)?
How do I connect my source code from a local file system?
How do I install the Rookout desktop app?
How do you make sure the source code loaded into Rookout's IDE is synced with the code running in the remote environment?
Why does Rookout need access to my source code?
I’m stuck waiting for SDK connection, what does that mean?
It says Rookout has failed to connect to the agent. What's going on?
Can Rookout change the way our services work?
I cannot see any data in the message pane. How come?
Is it possible to use Rookout to debug client-side JavaScript?
What version of Node are you supporting right now?
Does Rookout have .NET support?
Where can I find the Rookout token?
What does the BP icon stand for?
Can we view/add breakpoints for an individual app instance rather than all of them at once?
What is the overhead?
How can I load your SDK, and where?
Does Rookout provide notifications of any disruptions to its service?
I want to get a function's value. Is there a way to do that?
Does Rookout work while running Node.js when using the inspector?
How can I debug my Celery workers (or uWSGI)?
Is there a way to disable nonrequired instances from the Rookout app?
Is there a shortcut to search for a particular file in the Rookout IDE?
What does the error ‘Source file not found’ mean when I’m debugging my Java application?
How can I add users to my organization?
I have some questions about pricing
How long is the debug/telemetry data that is sent to Rookout kept?
I'm using Lambda, I've installed your SDK, but can't see any messages.
How does Rookout make sure that performance isn’t impacted when grabbing a frame dump from an application?
Does Rookout support Ruby?
Are you guys hiring Ruby developers?

Do we support your
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My stack is not on the list
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Try our SDK

5 minute setup
Install the Rookout pypi package

# Run this command line from your console
pip install rook

Start the Rookout SDK

# Import the package in your app's entry-point file,
# just before it starts

import rook

if __name__ == "__main__":
    rook.start(token='[Your Rookout Token]')  
    # Your program starts here :)

Get Started
Install the Rookout npm package

// Run this command line from your console
npm install --save rookout

Start the Rookout SDK

// Require the package in your app's entry-point file
const rook = require('rookout');

    token: '[Your Rookout Token]'

Get Started
Download the Rookout java agent

# # Run this command line from your console
curl -L "https://repository.sonatype.org/service/local/artifact/maven/redirect?r=central-proxy&g=com.rookout&a=rook&v=LATEST" -o rook.jar

Configure and run the Rookout java agent

# Export your token as an environment variable
export ROOKOUT_TOKEN=[Your Rookout Token]

# Set your JVM to use the rook as a java agent
export JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS="-javaagent:(pwd)/rook.jar"

Get Started
Install the Rookout NuGet package

// Run this command line from your package manager console
PM> Install-Package Rookout

Start the Rookout SDK

using Rook;
namespace Program
    class Program
        static int Main(string[] args)
            Rook.RookOptions options = new Rook.RookOptions() 
                token = "[Your Rookout Token]"
            // ...

Get Started

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