Debug Any Deployment

Debug microservices, serverless and monolithic apps across dev, staging and production

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  • Debug Kubernetes apps as if they were running on your laptop
  • Trace an issue across deployments, namespaces, clusters and pods
  • Support for EKS, AKS, GKE and more
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  • Get instant visibility into your serverless functions
  • Debug across development, staging and production environments
  • Support for AWS Lambda, Google App Engine, Azure App Service, and more

Cloud-Native, Containers and VMs

  • Fetch data from dynamically deployed, distributed applications
  • No need for SSH, attaching a debugger, or waiting for app deployment
  • Scale up and scale out your logging, data fetching and debugging flows
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On Prem Servers and Monoliths

  • Gain instant visibility into your monolithic application
  • Save precious rebuild and restart time by dynamically adding log lines
  • Debug remotely with a click of a button
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