Dynamic Logs and Metrics

Instantly fetch log lines and metrics from any app, anywhere

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Add Dynamic Log lines without adding code

  • Click a code line to generate a dynamic, transient log line
  • No need to stop, add code, rebuild or redeploy
  • Instantly add new log lines in any cloud native application
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Fetch new Metrics without waiting for a release

  • Use non-breaking breakpoints to get the application state, including the full stack trace, local, and global variables
  • Works anywhere, on anything: keep it on-prem, K8s, serverless, you name it
  • Debug live issues quickly, remotely, and without touching the code
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Stream Data to your existing pipeline

  • Pipeline your logs and metrics wherever they are needed
  • Solve issues faster by improving collaboration
  • Rookout Integrates with your favorite log and data collection tools
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