Real-Time Metrics

Decouple metrics collection from development and deployment cycles. Get any data you need. Quickly.

Get the metrics on-the-fly with Non-Breaking Breakpoints

  • No more endless deployment cycles. Collect the metrics your team needs, with just one click
  • Instantly review the data in live environments and iterate as needed
  • Transform application data into business insights effortlessly

Get your devops the KPI metrics they need

  • Minimize wasted time and effort. Monitor only the environments you truly care about.
  • Use filters and aggregations to generate high-quality data
  • Minimize R&D efforts in the process

Deliver your data anywhere

  • Pipeline data in real-time to wherever you need it, maximizing your dev's efficiency and minimizing overhead fees
  • Review new metrics alongside already existing data
  • Rookout integrates with Splunk, Elastic, BigQuery, and many more.

See how it works:

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