Real-Time Metrics

Decouple metrics collection from development and deployment cycles. Get any data you need. Quickly.
Rookout enables the Behalf dev team to quickly get the data they need, in both production and staging environments

“Rookout gives me and my team the peace of mind to release more frequently, as I know that if there is a problem we will quickly fetch the data we need to troubleshoot it. It helps our developers maintain velocity while staying effective and happy.” Nadav Sharir, VP Engineering  

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Get the metrics on-the-fly with Non-Breaking Breakpoints

  • No more endless deployment cycles. Collect the metrics your team needs, with just one click
  • Instantly review the data in live environments and iterate as needed
  • Transform application data into business insights effortlessly

Get your devops the KPI metrics they need

  • Minimize wasted time and effort. Monitor only the environments you truly care about.
  • Use filters and aggregations to generate high-quality data
  • Minimize R&D efforts in the process

Deliver your data anywhere

  • Pipeline data in real-time to wherever you need it, maximizing your dev's efficiency and minimizing overhead fees
  • Review new metrics alongside already existing data
  • Rookout integrates with Splunk, Elastic, BigQuery, and many more.

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Rookout helps you gain better control over your software

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