Get data on-demand from your live code just when you need it. It’s that simple.

Tackle production issues with real-time instrumentation.

No coding or devops efforts needed.

Using Rookout is as easy as inserting a breakpoint, only nothing breaks or stops.

With just a few clicks, you can choose and define various rules to collect any data you want, by setting non-breaking “breakpoints” in the code.

You can then send the data anywhere – your analytics, storage or alerting tools or just examine it in our IDE.

Production debugging, logging and alerting

Get data from your live code, as it runs. Extract any piece of data from your code and pipeline it anywhere, in realtime, even if you’d never thought about it beforehand or created any instrumentation to collect it.

Save R&D efforts for when you need them

Real-time instrumentation means you don’t need to restart, redeploy or write code to see inside your app.

When you change or add a new vendor to your stack, we can take care of data shipment to that vendor.

Any cloud, any framework, any environment.

Our solution supports Python, JVM, and NodeJS on Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud Functions, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine as well as on
your bare metal. We provide end-to-end security, coupled with a small footprint and a negligible performance impact.

As a company whose business is drones, ‘real-time debugging’ sometimes occur literally on the fly, during the limited duration of a drone’s flight. Rookout’s innovative debugging platform allows us to quickly debug our python cloud environment in mid-air, without redeploying more code.

Udi Zohar
VP Product, Percepto

We Play with Everyone

Once the data is collected you can send it to any destination, be it your logging, alerting, monitoring, storage application or a generic webhook.

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We never stop your app, we always expedite your work.