Virtual Logging

Extract LIVE code datapoints

Zero overhead. No friction. No risk.

Get logs, variables, and metrics, on-the-fly!

{Say ‘no’ to logging-FOMO} Extract the datapoints you need when you need them with a click.

{Use non-breaking breakpoints} Get data in real time from its real-life environment without stopping.

{Drive datapoints anywhere} Into your log-aggregation, APM, exception management, DBs, even Slack…

{One-time SDK installation} Getting started is a snap!

{Play around with Rookout in our Sandbox}

'Remote Software'? There is no such thing

{Access your software wherever it is running} Fetch any data point, wherever it is! Rookout’s got your back in the cloud, container, K8s, serverless, or on-prem at your customers’ sites!

{Build live pipelines} Use Rookout’s SDK and API to build agile, stable, secure and accessible pipelines.

{Eliminate bottlenecks} No restarts, redeployments, or added code required. Save HOURS of frustrating iterations and context switching.

Just the data you need. Just when and where you need it

{Simplify data delivery} Dev, DevOps, BI, and others all demand data in real time. Bypass complex processes and instantly pipeline data wherever it is needed: APM, alerting and logging tools, BI and more.

{Get On-Demand data from dev, staging, and production} Instantaneously collect any data: single variable, whole stack, metrics, etc.

{Stop drowning in the ocean of data} Don’t waste resources and get the exact data you need, even if you didn’t plan ahead.

Supported technologies

{Any cloud, any environment} We collect data at the code level so you can access it wherever it’s running. Supporting JVM (Java, Scala, Groovy…), Node.js, Python – in all clouds, containers, and serverless.

{End-to-end securitycoupled with a small footprint and zero overhead.

Your code never reaches Rookout’s servers. Find out more.


Install Our SDK

Install the Rookout pypi package

# Run this command line from your console
pip install rook

Start the Rookout SDK

# Import the package in your app's entry-point file,
# just before it starts

import rook

if __name__ == "__main__":
    rook.start(token='[Your Rookout Token]')  
    # Your program starts here :)

Install the Rookout npm package

// Run this command line from your console
npm install --save rookout

Start the Rookout SDK

// Require the package in your app's entry-point file
const rook = require('rookout');

    token: '[Your Rookout Token]'

Download the Rookout java agent

# # Run this command line from your console
curl -L "" -o rook.jar

Configure and run the Rookout java agent

# Export your token as an environment variable
export ROOKOUT_TOKEN=[Your Rookout Token]

# Set your JVM to use the rook as a java agent
export JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS="-javaagent:(pwd)/rook.jar"

Your Stack is Our Playground

Rookout accelerates our dev cycle by helping us release features and fix bugs much more quickly. We now have a clear understanding of how the code behaves in our microservice-oriented architecture.

Nadav Sharir, VP Engineering

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