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What can you do with Rookout?

Live Debugging: Production, Dev, and Staging

Rookout speeds up the debugging process in dev, staging, and production. Without Rookout, a developer needs to go write new code, redeploy, and wait for data in order to debug. What used to often take hours and days can now be done in seconds, allowing devs to skip these long debugging processes and reduce debugging time by up to 80%. This translates to hours of time saved, as well as allowing devs to focus their efforts on value creating tasks, rather than maintenance tasks.

Collaboration and Handoffs

Rookout empowers Developers, SREs, QA, and Support Engineers to share data and insight about the behavior of the code and the application running it. By providing a single source of truth and allowing the different teams to fetch data without changing code, Rookout makes the application easier to understand and streamlines collaboration and handoffs.

Dynamic Logging

Add only the log lines you need, when you need them. Say goodbye to logging-FOMO and to the unnecessary effort and cost of maintaining too many logs.

Tracing and Profiling

Integrate with popular Tracing and Profiling tools such as Jaeger, Zipkin, and AppDash to dynamically fetch Tracing and Profiling data. Get the context information you need when you need it. Measure application performance without waiting for log lines to be added.

Dynamic Alerting and Monitoring

Pipeline Rookout debug snapshots, log lines, and metrics into your tool of choice to dynamically generate alerts and monitors. Our customers use Slack, Datadog, AppDynamics,, among others.

Training and Onboarding

Diving into a new code base is hard. Understanding how a legacy monolith or a complex dynamic cloud native app behave is near impossible. Rookout lets developers speed up the learning process by showing how the code behaves in a real environment.

On-Demand Analytics and Metrics

Business personas such as Product, Customer Success, and Marketing need data from running apps and developers write code to supply it. Rookout makes fetching business data instantaneous, freeing up precious development time. In some cases, the business personas can even use Rookout on their own.

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