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Cherre’s Stefan Thorpe – Heading Straight For The Cloud

Deepchecks’s Shir Chorev – Where The Machine Learning Part Comes In

Sentra’s Ron Reiter – The Importance of Usefulness

Lawgeex’s Julia Shub – The Importance of Processes

Doordash’s Sudeeptha Jothiprakash – Where The Powerhouses Of Containers And Serverless Come In’s Hila Fish – Doing Something With Your Data

Netsertive’s Herb Brittner – Going Beyond The Cookie Cutter

Box’s Tamar Bercovici – The North Star Of Your System

Rookout’s Dudi Cohen – How To Live In The Debugging Moment

Riskified’s Boris Cherkasky – Getting Comfortable In Production

Oribi’s Eynav Mass – Being Accountable From End to End

Munch CTO, Peter Naftaliev – Interacting With A System

Fidelity Investment’s Jin Chun – Drinking The Scrum Kool Aid

Vonage’s Amitha Pulijala – Anticipating The Unanticipated

Anton Drukh – The Definition of Done

Jeff Davis – Automation Will Set Our Minds Free’s Dotan Horovits – Putting The Spotlight On Observability

DraftKings’s Idan Fridman – Survival Instinct In Startups

Or Hiltch, JLL Technologies – Looking Beyond The Bottom Line

Indeni’s Alon Ashkenazi – The Next-Gen of Infrastructure As Code

JP Beaudry, CTO of 2U – Facing The Daily Crisis

Barak Yoresh, Lightricks – How To Have Pager Duty And Never Get Paged

Appsflyer’s Nir Rubinstein – Databases, Databases Everywhere

Jobvite’s Ron Teeter – Own Your Code With Fullstack Observability

Michael Gillett – Shifting Dev Mindsets

Slack’s Suman Karumuri – The Journey To Being A Founder Of Modern Tracing

Anais Urlichs – Is It Worth Going The Extra Mile?

Parametrix Insurance’s Co-Founder & CTO, Neta Rozy – Keep Your Chill During Downtimes

Datorama’s Ilai Gilenberg – We’ll Figure It Out Next Sprint

Gitlab’s Wayne Haber- The Dilemmas of Dual Nature

Bridgecrew’s Barak Schoster Goihman- Turning Coffee Into Code

Dell Technologies Capital’s Tyler Jewell- The Dev Landscape And Paradigm Shifts

Akita Software’s CEO, Jean Yang – Empowering The Everyday Developer

Hassan Khajeh-Hosseini, Infracost CEO – To Cloud Or Not To Cloud

Ido Shamun, Daily.Dev- 100k Users And An Engineer

John Kodumal, LaunchDarkly CTO- The Nirvana Of Deploying 100x A Day

OwnBackup’s Roi Dover- Even Log Lines Need Code Reviews’s Shanee Radzewsky – Focus On The Customer, Not The Code

Demi Ben-Ari, CTO of Panorays – What’s Trust Got To Do With It?

JFrog’s Stephen Chin: Refining the Craft of Coding

DraftKings’s Idan Fridman – Survival Instinct In Startups