Rookout resolves Dealtale’s data integration issues in minutes

The Dealtale Debugging Challenge

Dealtale strives to provide the best customer experience by ingesting data from different SaaS platforms and integrating and customizing it for their customers. 

It’s crucial for them to be able to pinpoint and fix bugs as soon as they appear, which is made even more challenging due to the sensitive nature of the data they work with. Processing this PII data makes traditional debugging almost impossible and a long and frustrating process for their engineers.

Customization is a core part of their value proposition. Being able to inspect their code in production and see how it works for every single customer and under every configuration is important to Deltale and that’s where Rookout came in.

If you are a VP of Engineering in a MarTech company working with data, Rookout is your answer.


About Dealtale

Dealtale democratizes analytics and data science, so that any organization can grow effectively, based on insights rather than assumptions or best practices.

Dealtale solves the challenge of bringing siloed data together in a granular way to enable big-picture analysis. They collect, warehouse and let you analyze, monitor and optimize your business, so that you can become more efficient, faster—with data.​

With Rookout we are able to resolve data integration issues in minutes. It is now an essential part of our observability stack, allowing us to get snapshots, logs, and metrics from production.

Aviran Mozes
Co-founder & VP R&D, Dealtale

Find and fix bugs as soon as they appear

Inspect code in production

Resolve data integration issues in minutes

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