Rookout optimizes Goodr's debugging workflows and visibility into production

The Goodr Debugging Challenge

Goodr is a company that is reducing waste while also eliminating hunger. They are fully cloud-based and migrating from code that’s running on VM to Azure-managed containers. They’ve dealt with slow processes when working with legacy code and the prototypes that they build. They needed to gain a better level of visibility into their code.

Adopting A Live Debugger

Rookout has been a game-changer for Goodr. It has been a seamless tool that has given them a deeper level of visibility and transparency into their code. With Rookout, they’ve been able to save several hours per every time they debug, thus allowing them to resolve issues in a matter of hours instead of days.

About Goodr

Goodr was founded on the simple yet powerful idea that we need to feed more and waste less. What started as a local initiative to feed people experiencing food insecurity in Atlanta has grown into a national network with long-lasting impact.

Rookout is my go-to tool. It allowed us to go through and identify functionality that needed to translate between .NET legacy and .NET core 6.0.

Andrew Schillinger
Head of Product and Technology, Goodr

Saved weeks worth
of time

Easily and quickly
pinpoint functionality

Allowed better visibility

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