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5 minute setup
Install the Rookout pypi package

# Run this command line from your console
pip install rook

Start the Rookout SDK

# Import the package in your app's entry-point file,
# just before it starts

import rook

if __name__ == "__main__":
    rook.start(token='[Your Rookout Token]')  
    # Your program starts here :)

Get Started
Install the Rookout npm package

// Run this command line from your console
npm install --save rookout

Start the Rookout SDK

// Require the package in your app's entry-point file
const rook = require('rookout');

    token: '[Your Rookout Token]'

Get Started
Download the Rookout java agent

# # Run this command line from your console
curl -L "" -o rook.jar

Configure and run the Rookout java agent

# Export your token as an environment variable
export ROOKOUT_TOKEN=[Your Rookout Token]

# Set your JVM to use the rook as a java agent
export JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS="-javaagent:(pwd)/rook.jar"

Get Started
Install the Rookout NuGet package

// Run this command line from your package manager console
PM> Install-Package Rookout

Start the Rookout SDK

using Rook;
namespace Program
    class Program
        static int Main(string[] args)
            Rook.RookOptions options = new Rook.RookOptions() 
                token = "[Your Rookout Token]"
            // ...

Get Started

Boost Your Process

Enterprise ready

End-to-end security coupled with a small footprint and zero overhead. Your code never reaches Rookout’s servers.

On prem to serverless

Rookout’s got your back in the cloud, container, Kubernetes, serverless, or on-prem at your customers’ sites.

Deliver anywhere

Bypass complex Dev, DevOps, and BI processes, and instantly pipeline data to APM, alerting and logging tools and more.

Zero overhead

Performance-wise, adding a log line with Rookout is equivalent to writing code and redeploying a new version. There is no overhead.

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