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Solve customer issues 5X Faster

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Empowering the most regulated enterprises in production

Get real-time data without stopping your app

No adding code. No reproducing issues. No more waiting.

Empowering teams to

  • Regain control of your code by troubleshooting your cloud application easily and effectively.

    No need to stop your app or expose your organization to security and performance risks.

  • Find and fix bugs where they happen, while they’re happening.

    No need to stop, rebuild, or redeploy your application.

  • Easily enable deep-level understanding of complex microservices and serverless models.

    Pinpoint error root causes instantly without waiting for the next deployment and streamline results seamlessly to your data pipeline.

  • Get X-Ray vision into third party code and understand how individual lines of code impact the behavior of running software.

    Empower even the most junior of developers to understand the code they’re working on.

  • Free yourself from external triggers and dependencies. 

    Gain insight into the inner channels and a deeper understanding of the stream of events.

What sets Rookout apart

Comprehensive Coverage

Capture live debugging data across your techstack

  • Any language: Java, .Net, Node.js, Python, Ruby, and Golang (and more to come!)
  • Any environment: production, staging, or development
  • Any architecture: from on-prem to cloud native and from bare metal to VMs and containers to serverless
  • Any issue: frequent or not. Including errors, bugs, lags, or mystery issues

Dev Friendly

Instantly debug the most complex flows with a click of a button

  • Full visibility into your code with a simple and intuitive experience
  • Leverage code level tracing and profiling data
  • Naturally integrated with modern development ecosystems
  • Reduces the setup time and intricacy for advanced debugging practices

Enterprise Grade

Rookout is a specially built solution for hybrid cloud architectures and large scale deployments

  • Robust enterprise security and compliance offering
  • Cloud migration and digital transformation initiatives accceleration
  • Consistently superior performance with 99.5% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support

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How teams benefit from using Rookout

“At Cisco CX, resolving customer issues is of the utmost importance to improve our service restoration metric. In order to do so, it was a no-brainer for us to adopt Rookout. Their solution makes the process much smoother, allowing us to deliver the most reliable service to our valued customers, faster.”

Sumit Nandy

Director, Cloud Operations, Cisco

“I can envision cases in which it might have taken me several hours of adding log lines and pushing to staging to find errors that I found in minutes with Rookout. I was also pleasantly impressed with the responsiveness of the Rookout team to our questions and requests. Their level of support exceeded our expectations.”

Marjorie Ready

Senior Software Engineer, Backblaze

“Rookout helps me get the debugging data I need in seconds instead of waiting for several hours. As a result, our mean time to resolution (MTTR) for most issues is slashed by up to 80%, which is huge for us.”

Jerrie Pineda

Enterprise Software Architect, Maverik

“The introduction of Rookout into our software significantly reduced the time our developers spend on production maintenance tasks, thus instead allowing our developers to focus on value creating tasks.”

Yechiel Levi

CTO and Co-Founder, OptimalQ

“When debugging at JellyButton, it would take upwards of about an hour per bug. By incorporating Rookout into our debugging workflow, we have managed to cut the time spent per bug from an hour down to around 10 minutes or so – an 83% improvement to our workflow – and freeing up a significant amount of time to focus on building more features.”

Idan Nachman

Server Developer, Playtika

“By helping engineers get the relevant information they need from their code in their development and production systems, Rookout drastically reduces the time CyberMDX spends debugging.”

Or Nisan

Director of R&D, CyberMDX