Get control of your logging verbosity with Rookout’s Frontend Live Logger

Dynamically search and filter to reveal missing log data

Rookout instantly changes log verbosity and reveals hidden debugging loglines

Pipeline new log data into your favorite log aggregation tool

Dynamic log verbosity

  • Empower every engineer on your team to instantly turn on INFO, DEBUG, and TRACE level logs in a single click
  • Optimize logging cost and application performance by applying robust filters to fully control log granularity
  • Receive Console logs as if you’re using a local machine

Contextual filtering

  • Cut down the noise of application-level logging verbosity
  • Get granular control over your verbosity settings, drilling down to individual users, accounts, and more
  • Zoom in on application components by changing verbosity for specific files, functions, and services

Get debugging logs on the fly

Frontend and fullstack engineers can now quickly troubleshoot and debug issues with instant, on-demand production logging data using Live Logger.

For the full tech stack

Pipeline to your favorite log aggregation tool

Enrich your existing log and observability views by combining them with newly shipped, context rich TRACE and DEBUG level logs. Analyze deep logging insight side-by-side with your existing data sources.

Enterprise Grade

Trusted by banks and Fortune 500 companies in tightly regulated environments

  • Get full control over database privacy with data redaction and data-on-prem options.
  • No source code or customer data is ever uploaded or stored.
  • Matching your tight contract with 99.5% uptime guarantee and 24/7 Enterprise SLA.
  • Ground-built solution for simple and short deployment in even the most distributed and scaled cloud deployments.
  • Strict compliance standards with: SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. More info

Get control on your Frontend and Full-Stack logging verbosity

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