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Troubleshoot and Debug Across the SDLC

Level up your Observability and see into your application in every environment and use case, starting from Development through to Testing and Deployment, and all the way to Production.


  • Easily debug cloud-native, remote, and distributed development environments with a live snapshot
  • Seamlessly debug first and third party code, from open source libraries to neighboring (micro)services.
  • Stop hassling with traditional debuggers and skip restarting for log changes.
  • Instantly see executing source code in any environment

Live snapshot is always available for you with global variables, process, stack trace, and tracing data.

Live snapshot is always available for you with global variables, process, stack trace, and tracing data.


  • Troubleshoot any bug in the environment it shows up in
  • See the root cause for automated test failures
  • Carry out advanced white box testing with a click of a button
  • Full stack debugging of module and E2E tests


  • Launch with confidence and the knowledge that any gaps in your Observability can be covered on the fly.
  • Embed snapshots into your code to get high fidelity troubleshooting data for unexpected edge cases.
  • Observe and verify live code behaviors behind the scenes.
  • Measure and analyze your application changes in real-time with profiling and metrics visual trends and data


  • Reduce your organization MTTR and respond quickly to any incident without relying on (missing) logs.
  • Control and tune your observability data flow on demand
  • Reduce logging cost ingestion and aggregation by dynamically adjusting and focusing verbosity to meet your needs
  • Unlimited data collection with fixed, predictable costs

Enterprise Grade

Trusted by banks and Fortune 500 companies in tightly regulated environments

  • Get full control over database privacy with data redaction and data-on-prem options.
  • No source code or customer data is ever uploaded or stored.
  • Matching your tight contract with 99.5% uptime guarantee and 24/7 Enterprise SLA.
  • Ground-built solution for simple and short deployment in even the most distributed and scaled cloud deployments.
  • Strict compliance standards with: SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. More info

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