Production-Grade Debugging

Software is being developed at breathtaking scale and breakneck speeds, and with unprecedented levels of complexity. No applications are truly bug-free when deployed to production. Yet with today’s production infrastructures, debugging requires painstaking, iterative code-restart-redeploy cycles that take hours at best, and weeks or even months for complex applications.

Rookout dramatically cuts debugging time by enabling live data collection with just a few clicks, with no advance planning.


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Data Collection and Pipelining

Collect all types of data from production systems — from a specific variable, through metrics, to the entire stack. Insert Rookout non-breaking breakpoints in live code to select the data you need and define where it should go. Send data to the Rookout IDE-like interface to close the loop on a single page. Or direct it to monitoring, logging or alerting systems you already use, or any destination you choose.

Work at Scale

Focus team activity and enhance collaboration with Rookout Projects. Create flexible, targeted data-collection environments by selecting microservice instances, groups of servers and other elements, up to full staging or production environments. Manage debugging and data-collection activities with individualized Projects, or share Projects to enable simultaneous collaborative debugging from multiple machines.

Performance Protection

As a solution that runs on our customers’ production systems, Rookout is strictly committed to safeguarding performance in three critical ways.

  • Security is baked into all Rookout products and maintained through rigorous internal security standards as well as third-party certifications.
  • Zero Overhead (yes you read that correctly): Rookout doesn’t do a thing until you tell it to, and when you ask to apply a breakpoint it does just that by adding the exact opcodes on the fly. Performance-wise, adding a log line with Rookout is equivalent to writing code and redeploying a new version. There is no overhead.
  • Stability: Rookout does not reduce the stability of applications or production systems.
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