Live, Remote Debugging

Make debugging a breeze by debugging any app, anywhere
Accelerating identification of root causes makes solving code issues faster and easier

Rookout helps Backblaze engineers quickly and efficiently gather information about exactly what's going on in their dev and integration servers so they can find out what's causing bugs without hassle or delays. As Marjorie Ready, Senior SW Engineer at Backblaze put it: "Using Rookout lets us just look under the hood and see what's going on. It saves us a lot of time."

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Get the data you need on the fly with Non-Breaking Breakpoints

  • Get your developers the data they need, when they need it, in a click
  • No need to stop, rebuild, or redeploy
  • Your team can debug in real-time, in production - where real bugs happen

Easily get your developers data they need while debugging in production

  • Use non-breaking breakpoints to get the application state, including the full stack trace, local, and global variables
  • Works anywhere, on anything: keep it on-prem, K8s, serverless, you name it
  • Debug live issues quickly, remotely, and without touching the code

Deliver your data anywhere

  • Pipeline your data to wherever you need it, maximizing your dev's efficiency and minimizing maintenance fees
  • Promote team collaboration and resolve issues faster by sharing data
  • Rookout integrates with Datadog, Slack,, Prometheus, and many more

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