Bring event-level observability to your serverless functions
Rookout lets Playday devs see the current state of their AWS Lambda app, discover issues with ease and no friction, and fix them faster

By enabling Playday developers to see what was happening in their AWS Lambda code, and by integrating into their current workflow using Sentry, Rookout helped the dev team reduce serverless debugging time by a factor of 3 to 6.

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Get the data you need on-the-fly with Non-Breaking Breakpoints

  • Remote debug your code as it’s running in the cloud, without stopping, rebuilding or redeploying
  • Get the function state, including the full stack trace and local and global variables 
  • Support for AWS Lambda, Google Functions, Firebase Functions, and more

Get instant visibility into your serverless functions

  • Select the exact function and stage you need
  • Simultaneously collect data from all invocations
  • Easily filter the results using conditions and tracing

Deliver your debug-data anywhere to resolve issues faster

  • Pipeline your data wherever you need it in real-time
  • Share it with your team and collaborate to resolve issues faster
  • Rookout integrates with Datadog, Slack,, Prometheus, and many more

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