Rookout enables CyberMDX’s developers to find and understand unexpected behaviors within only a few clicks

The CyberMDX Debugging Challenge

Team lead Or Nisan was finding that not only was it taking his team an extremely long time to debug, but that his developers also weren’t able to cover all cases and get the relevant information they needed. For a while now he was looking for a quick, efficient, and easy way to find and debug unexpected behaviors in the team’s development and production systems. Previously, the team had been relying on their local debugging and logging systems; however, as good as these systems were, they were not able to cover all cases and include all relevant information that the team needed in order to get to the root cause quickly and efficiently.

The Adoption Process

Before turning to Rookout, Or’s team had begun their debugging journey by investigating self-made solutions. However, these all proved to be incomplete as well as difficult to maintain. After making their way through a wide variety of other platforms that didn’t offer what they needed, they decided to consider Rookout. Spoiler alert: it turned out to be exactly what they needed to add to their arsenal of developer tools to succeed.

Adding Rookout to their workflow turned out to be a simple and easy experience for Or and his developers.

With Rookout, my engineers invest much less time and frustration in finding problems and validating fixes. They saved many working hours, leading to unprecedented development velocity and productivity.

Or Nisan
Director of R&D, CyberMDX

Quick Implementation time

Saved developers working hours

Increased development velocity and productivity

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