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Episode 1: The Fourth Pillar of Observability (SDTimes Webinar)

In Episode 1 of the microwebinar series with SD Times on the topic of ‘The Fourth Pillar of Observability’, Liran Haimovitch, Rookout Co-Founder & CTO, shared valuable insights on the power of Snapshots and why they surpass traditional logs.

Main webinar discussion points:

  1. The Evolving Landscape of Observability: Traditional methods like logging, metrics, and traces have been valuable in monitoring system performance. However, they fall short of offering an in-depth, granular view of your software’s behavior. It’s time we move beyond this status quo.
  2. Introducing Snapshots: Enter snapshots, the new paradigm in Observability. This innovative tool empowers developers to understand their code’s behavior in real-time, offering a depth of insights that transform the way we perceive system performance.
  3. Snapshot’s Features: A snapshot captures the complete state of your applications, presenting a comprehensive view of variables, stack traces, performance metrics, memory usage, and CPU load. It’s akin to having a deep-dive diagnostic tool that leaves no stone unturned.
  4. The Advantage of Snapshots Over Logs: With snapshots, we can bid farewell to the tedious and often incomplete process of log optimization. Snapshots, being efficient, reliable, and standardized, enable you to concentrate on what truly matters – innovating and enhancing your software solutions.
  5. Leading the Pack: Rookout stands at the forefront of snapshot technology, offering a revolutionary tool that brings real-time observability to your code, whether it’s executing in the cloud or on traditional servers.

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