Decouple data from code

When running code in production you are constantly trying to figure out what your code is actually doing and why. Even though it’s your code, running on your servers, there’s no easy way to see what’s going on. You have to write more code, test it, approve it, deploy it, and only then do you get a new sliver of data. We’re here to change that.

It’s time to liberate your data.

It’s what we do.

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Shahar Fogel

CEO of Rookout. He’s spent the last 2 decades leading data-driven businesses, products and R&D teams, from early stage start-ups to government organizations. Shahar is passionate about software architecture and observability; as a cyber Security team lead, product manager, VC investor, and a Cambridge University MBA alumni.

Liran Haimovitch

Co-Founder and CTO of Rookout. He’s an award-winning cyber security practitioner and writer. As an advocate of modern software methodologies like agile, lean and DevOps, Liran’s passion is to understand how software actually works.

Daniel Karp

Cisco Investments

Nat Friedman


John Ferlito

Guy Fighel

NewRelic and co founder of SignifAI

Rona Segev

TLV Partners

Dovi Ollech

Emerge Capital

Ron Reiter

Ofir Ehrlich

Ariel Sakin

Raymond Colletti

Founding Partner
Zag Capitol

John Kodumal

CTO & Co-Founder

Or Weis



2021 Oct

Rookout named as a 2021 Gartner® Cool Vendor in Monitoring and Observability

2021 Oct

Rookout brings a visual Cloud-Native experience to debugging

2021 Aug

Rookout launches Live Logger bringing dynamic logging verbosity to your app

2021 Jun

Rookout integrates with Open Tracing for a holistic debug session view

2021 Feb

Rookout launches Agile Flame Graphs to dynamically profile distributed applications in production

2021 Jan

Rookout Announces X-Ray Vision Feature for Debugging 3rd-Party Code

2020 Dec

Rookout’s Brings Server Performance Metrics to Developers

2020 Oct

Rookout launches a Live Debugging Heatmap

2020 Jun

Rookout announces Data On-Prem for development teams that operate in data-sensitive environments

2020 May

Rookout announces General Availability of .Net instrumentation

2020 Feb
2019 Aug

Rookout raises $8M Series A led by Cisco Investments

2019 May
Rookout announces support for open source machine learning frameworks Apache Spark and Tensorflow
2018 Nov

Rookout launches its live Kubernetes debugger

2018 Sep

Rookout announces Workspaces, the first tool to collaboratively debug code on demand.

2018 Jul

Rookout announces remote live debugging solution for Electron.

2018 Jun

Rookout releases serverless debugging tool for AWS Lambda.

2018 May

Rookout gets SOC 2 TYPE 2 certified.

2018 Apr

Rookout introduces rapid production debugging and raises $4.2M from Israeli venture capital firms TLV Partners and Emerge.

2017 Jan

Founded by Or Weis, Liran Haimovitch.