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JOBVITE gains unprecedented visibility into production

Rookout speeds up’s debugging and troubleshooting time from hours to minutes

Otonomo drastically reduces wasted debugging time with Rookout

Rookout transforms Flytrex's ability to debug in production

Rookout helps expedite debugging issues in both staging and production for Backblaze

Rookout simplifies and accelerates Maverik’s transition to Kubernetes

Rookout resolves Dealtale’s data integration issues in minutes

Rookout enables CyberMDX’s developers to find and understand unexpected behaviors within only a few clicks

Biocatch revamps its production debugging workflow with Rookout

Rookout allows OptimalQ’s developers to focus on value-creating tasks instead of production maintenance tasks

Rookout minimizes Rewire’s service restoration time

Duda was able to instantly get visibility into production with Rookout

"By incorporating Rookout into our debugging workflow, we have managed to cut the time spent per bug from an hour down to around 10 minutes."

Idan Nahmani
SW Developer

For over 2 years, we weren’t able to get the data we needed with other tools…once we began to use Rookout, we were instantly able to get visibility into our Production

Sarit Pinhas
Senior Software Engineer at Duda

"At Cisco CX, resolving customer issues is of the utmost importance to improve our service restoration metric. In order to do so, it was a no-brainer for us to adopt Rookout."

Sumit Nandy
Director, Cloud Operations

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