Rookout Improved OptimalQ's Developer Workflow

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Results: How Rookout Helped

Rookout enabled OptimalQ to quickly and easily identify and pinpoint bugs in production, thereby significantly reducing both the amount of time their developers spent debugging and their stress doing so. Yechiel said that, “while skeptical at first, OptimalQ’s developers have fallen in love with Rookout, having found that Rookout saves them about an hour or so on each bug”.

The introduction of Rookout into OptimalQ’s software significantly reduced the time their developers spend on production maintenance tasks, thus instead allowing their developers to focus on value creating tasks. According to Yechiel, “my developers said that it saved them about an hour or so on each bug”, as well as mentioning that, “the cost alone is worth it for even just 3 bugs that you’re maintaining in production”.

Yechiel also added that, “They (the developers) said, this saves us a bunch of time when we need to solve production issues.”

We can get the customers issues and complaints fixed immediately. Being able to do so really reduced the amount of time that our developers have had to research and reproduce.