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‘Data On-Prem’ Means SaaS Agility And On-Premise Control

Liran Haimovitch | Co-Founder & CTO

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Today, we’re excited to announce Data On-Prem for development teams that operate in data-sensitive environments. This new feature truly lets you have the best of both worlds, by enabling large enterprises to leverage Rookout as a SaaS offering, while also meeting the rigorous governance and control requirements that these companies often face.


Our main objective with Data On-Prem is to help save companies in data-sensitive environments a tremendous amount of time and money when they are extracting data. This is particularly relevant for industries such as finance and healthcare, where dealing with data is a governance and compliance nightmare. The traditional processes to solve these problems are extremely time-consuming — such as writing endless log lines or waiting for new code to re-deploy — and often involve many levels of controls and approvals. Rookout skips all of that process, and comes with built-in auditing and other controls, allowing engineers to extract the data they need instantly.


The truth is (drumroll, please) that devs within big companies want to move fast and be agile, just like startups. But they are dealing with much more bureaucracy and regulation. That’s why it’s a top priority, as a company with customers in the Fortune 1000, that we build solutions that are easy to adopt, maintain, and use without compromising on the safety and security concerns of these customers.


Unlike other SaaS offerings in the developer tools space, we really have no interest in your data. No, really, we’re not kidding. We don’t need to store it, to analyze it, or even to process it. Our job is to go in and get it, then pipeline it to your key stakeholders. We hand it over to you in a closed envelope. That’s it.


If you’re an existing Rookout enterprise user, it’s a very simple process. All that needs to be done is to run two dockers of ours, or if you’re using Kubernetes, you’ll only need to run one chart that we provide. It’s so simple, it’s basically magic, but for your secure data.


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