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Supporting The Fight Against COVID-19

Shahar Fogel | CEO

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We need all hands on deck to help find solutions to the global crisis. In light of this, we are giving away Rookout’s platform to healthcare organizations for free through the end of the year.

This is not the time for clever marketing ploys. We see the value we can offer, and we want to offer it. Technologists around the world are working together, now more distributed than ever, to find ways they can help. We can enable engineers to debug their applications remotely, on the fly, and significantly reduce time to get their products working.

Software development teams using Rookout have seen the time it takes to build applications and fix broken applications reduced from hours to a few seconds. The idea is we can help minimize the chore aspects of debugging remotely and free up vital R&D resources. Time is of the essence, and we can help them get it.

Rookout is HIPAA compliant and fully committed to the security of private information.

If you’re a healthcare professional, please share this information with your team to help ensure the offer gets to the right people. This is a tough time for many, but I am confident we will get through this better, together.

Stay safe, stay healthy
— Shahar and the Rookout Team

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