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We’re Partnering With AppDynamics

Or Weis | Co-Founder

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We are excited to announce our new partnership with AppDynamics at their global event Transform 2020. Deep Code Insights (DCI) powered by Rookout will be generally available within the AppDynamics platform starting today.

The partnership was a no-brainer: AppDynamics’ APM solution helps developers become aware of problems quickly; Rookout helps developers debug those problems easily. It’s a match made in devops heaven! The ability to jump directly from an AppDynamics issue to the data and code in-action that caused the error without restarting, redeploying, or adding more code — that’s the magic of DCI.

Beyond the commercial relationship, the technical integration between the two platforms, enables what we like to call ‘full-cycle investigation’. As the APM solution surfaces up alerts (such as errors, or performance degradation), these more often than not translate in the minds of the engineers as questions – mainly ‘why is this happening?’. Instead of being forced to replicate the situation, or redeploy with more logging, AppDynamic’s users can simply click a button to immediately collect more variables and data to the screen in front of them, or dive to a deeper session within the full Rookout/DCI IDE like experience.
This new workflow, transforms multi-hour/week sessions full of context-switches into mere seconds. Dramatically reducing MTTR, and completely revolutionizing the experience for software engineers.

We all know that debugging modern, distributed applications is complex, time consuming, and costly. It’s been our rallying call since we founded Rookout back in 2017 that there needs to be a better way. We’ve worked closely with developers to identify their pain points when it comes to debugging live code and separating data from that code. We are giving teams up to 80% of their time back to focus on shipping new features and improving the customer experience. DCI brings this next-gen workflow to more of the enterprise.

In the words of Kevin Wagner, VP @ AppDynamics:

“AppDynamics and Rookout both address the complexity of debugging modern applications. We want to make it easier for businesses to understand their own software, which is why together, we are narrowing the gaps between indicating a code-related problem impacting performance, pinpointing the direct issue within the line of code, and deploying a solution quickly for a seamless customer experience.”

Everyone needs data, so Rookout’s debugging tools are for everyone. At its core Rookout is all about liberating data and empowering people; and from day one we set the goal to make Rookout not only available across the technological spectrum (e.g. Monolith to Serverless, Physical on-prem to hybrid cloud) but also across the organizational spectrum. Supporting organizations from the smallest startups (With our self-serve and community-tier) up to the largest enterprises, with significant investment in security capabilities (e.g.  PII redaction, data-fencing) and compliance (e.g. SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPAA) from day one. Now combining forces with Cisco/AppDynamics’ years of enterprise experience, access, and standards – Rookout / DCI is geared to empower developers, and users across at the largest enterprises.

This partnership is a start of a great journey, as automation and AI-ops grow to encompass more of the application performance management, Rookout/DCI brings the needed agility for both people and monitoring systems to run at the same pace of live software. This automatic ability of introspection, and self-reflection is likely to drive many more amazing capabilities in the ever expanding world of software.

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