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Rookout helps software engineers to understand their code by getting the data they need, wherever it is running, instantly. Increase code quality and dev velocity, while empowering your team, reducing MTTR, and supporting easier compliance and access management.

Top 5 Frustrations With Debugging Kubernetes
Four Tips For A Great Company Culture
VMblog Expert Interview: Rookout Explores Serverless Debugging and Shift-left Observability
Rookout Serverless Debugging Experience Provides Greater Visibility To Simplify Debugging
Rookout launches its new serverless debugging experience
How dynamic observability can help you analyze your data – Episode 146
Logging Is Expensive And Static — Next-Generation Platforms Can Help
Rookout Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage
Rookout Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage
Low-hanging fruits to quickly reduce cloud costs in 2022
We May Start Seeing Successors To Kubernetes In 2022 | Liran Haimovitch
2022 Application Performance Management Predictions – Part 3
10 software companies pioneering their markets
4 Ways to Get Your Code Back in Shape After Black Friday
Shahar Fogel, Rookout CEO – Interview with WBM ‘Top 100 Innovation CEO’
Shahar Fogel, CEO of Rookout honored by World Biz Magazine Awards with “Top 100 Innovation CEO” Award
Rookout joins the Datadog Marketplace
Five Major Software Development Challenges In Martech
Rookout introduces new Kubernetes debugging capabilities
Rookout Announces Support for Golang and Brings Dynamic Observability to Kubernetes, Enabling Developers to Troubleshoot Containerized Apps on the Fly
The State of Kubernetes: Key Challeneges and the Role of AI
Dynamic Observability at Scale with Live Logger
KubeCon 2021 Q&A: Rookout Showcases Modern Debugging Platform, Unparalleled Ability to Collect Any Piece of Data
Companies to Watch in 2022
Rookout Launches Live Logger to Dynamically Modify Log Verbosity
What is Dynamic Observability and Why is it Important?
On Dynamic Observability and Team Culture with Liran Haimovitch, Rookout CTO
Rookout’s Live Logger Designed to Remove Developer Speed Bumps
6 Lessons Learned from Netflix’s New Year’s Eve Outage
2021 SaaS Awards Winners Announced
Rookout Live Logger Optimizes Logging Cost And Performance
SD Times news digest: Rookout launches Live Logger, Bridgecrew now has Multi-Cloud Drift Detection, HVR 6.0 now available
Live Logger – Shahar Fogel, Rookout
Rookout Launches Live Logger
VMblog Expert Interview: Rookout Explains New Live Logger and Dynamic Observability
Rookout Launches Live Logger to Significantly Reduce Logging Costs and Overhead
Rookout Live Debugging Now Available Across Microsoft Azure Ecosystem
Oh, The Places You’ll Go When You Leave Your IDE
Top 50 Innovation Award Winners
Rookout provides .NET debugging and observability data on Microsoft Azure
Episode 472: Liran Haimovitch on Handling Customer Issues
The Three Pillars of Kubernetes Troubleshooting
The Modern Debugging Roundtable
The Benefits of Bringing Together Debugging and Tracing Data
Distributed Tracing Is a Hassle, Here’s Why
VMblog Expert Interview: Oded Keret Talks Next Generation of Debugging and Rookout Tracing Timeline
Rookout Integrates with OpenTelemetry and Launches a Tracing Timeline on its Visual Debugging Platform
Resilience Is an R&D Problem, Not Just an SRE Problem
[DZone Live] Episode 3
How Real-Time Debugging Improves Reliability
Crossing borders: From VC to Entrepreneur
The R&D Manager vs. Organizational Waste: An Ecosystem at War
Israeli Cybersecurity Sector Flourishes
The Secret To High-Quality Code with Dr. Michaela Greiler and Liran Haimovitch
Understandability Begins Where Observability Ends
Debugging is Broken – Here’s How To Fix It
5 Key Challenges for Engineering Managers
QualiFYI [ep. 9]: Rookout CTO Reveals the Secret to Accelerating Software Debugging
Why Software Bugs Are Like Mini Outages
5 Tips to Improve Kubernetes Understandability
Top five challenges development managers are facing today
How you organize your development teams matters
Rookout’s Agile Flame Graphs Help Developers Profile Distributed Applications In Production
Software at Scale 14 – Liran Haimovitch: CTO, Rookout
Rookout’s Agile Flame Graphs Give Quick, Visual Insight into Production Code
SD Times news digest: Rookout Agile Flame Graphs, ServiceNow acquires Intellibot, and CircleCI server 3.x
Rookout Launches Agile Flame Graphs to Dynamically Profile Distributed Applications in Production
VMblog Expert Interview: Shahar Fogel of Rookout Talks Modern Debugging, Understandability, and Agile Flame Graphs
Resilience: The Muscle We Always Need to Train
Why Developers Should Care About Resilience
Improving Debugging Workflow in Cloud Native Environments
3 Considerations for Container Debugging
SaaS Isn’t About High-Quality Software, It’s About Delivering Business Value
The DevOps Trends And Tools Putting A Renewed Focus On Maintenance And Care In Tech
Five Software Development Challenges In The Financial Industry
5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Reproduce Issues in Remote Environments
5 Questions to Ask When Adopting a New SaaS Tool
The Resilience Roundtable: A Discussion About Chaos Engineering and More
Software Understandability With Liran Haimovitch
Rookout Tool now Debugs Third-Party Code
Rookout announces new X-ray vision feature for third-party dependencies
Rookout Gives Developers X-Ray Vision
Rookout improves visibility into third-party code
VMblog Expert Video Interview with Shahar Fogel of Rookout – Modern Debugging Platform for Developers
Introducing Non-Breaking Breakpoints
6 Tips to Help You Write Cleaner Code in Node.js
Modern CTO with Joel Beasley #261 Ron Teeter – VP of Engineering at Jobvite
Rookout’s Modern Debugging Platform Brings Server Performance Metrics to Developers
Rookout’s Modern Debugging Platform Brings Server Performance Metrics to Developers
The Finance Sector Is Going Through A Massive Digital Transformation, And SaaS Companies Need To Respond Appropriately
VMblog Expert Video Interview, Liran Haimovitch of Rookout – Modern Debugging Platform for Developers
Debug anything, anytime, anywhere
6 Scary Outage Stories from CTOs
SD Times news digest: Rookout’s live debugging heatmap, Ionic Vue, and Ignite UI for Blazor
5 Questions To Ask Before Adopting Kubernetes
Rookout’s Live Debugging Heatmap Promises to Identify Time-Wasting Bugs
Infographic: Software Understandability – The Non-Stop Developer Workflow
Cloud-based debugging heatmap aims to show developers which apps are ‘on fire’
Software Companies Still Need To Address Legacy Systems
The Developer’s Compliance Survival Guide
Rookout CTO Discusses Understandability, Architecture Styles, and Live Debugging
14 Smart Ways To Keep Your Dev And Sales Teams On The Same Page
5 Myths About Software Development
Liran Haimovitch on Understandability, Complexity, and Live Debugging
The Importance of Writing Clean Code
Eliminate DevOps waste with Japanese management practices
Liran Haimovitch – CTO at Rookout – Lets Talk Leadership
Modern CTO with Joel Beasley #199 Liran Haimovitch – CTO at Rookout
Five Ways to Improve the Understandability of your Software
Log aggregation and the journey to optimized logs
TechStrong TV
Helping Customers Through The Storm
Baptism by Fire: NS1 Insights2020 Surveys the Current Challenges of DevOps
VMblog Expert Interview: Rookout Talks Understandability and Details its Latest ‘Data On-Prem’ Solution and What Comes Next
Rookout’s New Data On-Prem Solution Helps Large Enterprises Fetch Data Instantly and Securely to Make Better Decisions
Using This Time To Optimize Your Dev Team’s Workflow
To fly slow or fly blind? A dilemma for developers
Understandability: The Most Important Metric You’re Not Tracking
Top Java Debugging Tools for 2020
The Importance of Understandability in Software Development
A New CEO, A New Vision, A New Strategy
16 Best Practices For Safely Upgrading Your Company’s Tech Systems
Making Data Collection In Your Code Easy With Rookout
Debugging in a Remote World
‘A-ha!’ Moments for IT Entrepreneurs
Is tracing for you? Probably not
Rookout Partners with AppDynamics Bringing the Power of Debugging and APM to IT Leaders in the Digital World
Rookout and AppDynamics Team Up to Help Enterprise Engineering Teams Debug at Speed with Deep Code Insights
Rookout Teams Up with AppDynamics to Help Developers Find and Fix Bugs
Debugging Multi-Layer or Multi-Node Applications with Or Weis
10 tech startups for 2020 that will help the world build more resilient, secure, and observable software
Rookout Announces a Hybrid Kubernetes Debugger, Enabling DevOps Teams To Fix Their Apps On The Fly
Kubernetes Debugging: What Works and What Fails
Serverless Monitoring in the Age of Infrastructure-as-Code
Rookout lands $8M Series A to expand debugging platform
Sentry Integration Platform: Observability with Rookout
Debugging Anything, Anywhere, Anytime: A Little Bird In Your Application
On the Rookout for live data: Instant observability to fix software bugs and open AI black boxes
Technical debt is sort of a natural phenomenon – Interview with Liran Haimovitch, Co-Founder and CTO of Rookout
How we got SOC 2 certified in less than 6 months – and how you can too
Rookout’s 4 favorite features in Datadog
Can DevOps drive another record year for software M&A deals?
SD Times Blog: Code Freeze!
Honeycomb and Rookout: An Integration That Finds the Dots to Connect
Rookout launches its live Kubernetes debugger
Towards Better DevOps KPIs: A Codeless Change Maturity Model
Rookout Workspaces brings teamwork to Production Debugging
Is DevOps leaving developers behind?
Rookout lets developers remotely debug live Electron apps while they run
A Comedy of Errors — Or Weis of Rookout
Rookout Announces First Production Debugging Solution for AWS Lambda
Rookout releases serveless debugging tool for AWS Lambda
Rapid Production Debugging is going to be a game changer
Rookout: What is rapid production debugging?
Rookout brings agility to the software debugging process
Rookout raises $4.2M for its rapid production debugging platform
Software Debugging Startup Rookout Raises $4.2 Million

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2021 October

Rookout named as a 2021 Gartner® Cool Vendor in Monitoring and Observability

2021 October

Rookout brings a visual Cloud-Native experience to debugging

2021 Aug

Rookout launches Live Logger bringing dynamic logging verbosity to your app

2021 June

Rookout integrates with Open Tracing for a holistic debug session view

2021 February

Rookout launches Agile Flame Graphs to dynamically profile distributed applications in production

2021 January
Rookout announces X-Ray Vision feature for debugging 3rd-party code
2020 December

Rookout brings Server Performance Metrics to developers

2020 Oct

Rookout launches a Live Debugging Heatmap

2020 Jun

Rookout announces Data On-Prem for development teams that operate in data-sensitive environments

2020 May

Rookout announces General Availability of .Net instrumentation

2020 Feb
2019 Aug

Rookout raises $8M Series A led by Cisco Investments

2019 May

Rookout announces support for open source machine learning frameworks Apache Spark and Tensorflow

2018 Nov

Rookout launches its live Kubernetes debugger

2018 Sep

Rookout announces Workspaces, the first tool to collaboratively debug code on demand.

2018 Jul

Rookout announces remote live debugging solution for Electron.

2018 Jun

Rookout releases serverless debugging tool for AWS Lambda.

2018 May

Rookout gets SOC 2 TYPE 2 certified.

2018 Apr

Rookout introduces rapid production debugging and raises $4.2M from Israeli venture capital firms TLV Partners and Emerge.

2017 Jan

Founded by Or Weis, Liran Haimovitch.