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"Rookout is an amazing development tool that should be part of any team’s essential solutions. The value is immediate and undeniable."


"For over 2 years, we weren’t able to get the data we needed with other tools…once we began to use Rookout, we were instantly able to get visibility into our Production"


"At Cisco CX, resolving customer issues is of the utmost importance to improve our service restoration metric. In order to do so, it was a no-brainer for us to adopt Rookout."


"In a production incident, for companies like us that are trying to maintain SLA with high uptime, the ability to speed up debugging and troubleshooting time from hours to minutes is a necessity."

"Rookout gives us the sense of security that when something goes wrong, as we have a strong tool that allows us to see what is going on in our system while it’s running live."


"By incorporating Rookout into our debugging workflow, we have managed to cut the time spent per bug from an hour down to around 10 minutes."


"Rookout is most effective in locating, pinpointing, and understanding bugs that happen in production."


"I can envision cases in which it might have taken me several hours of adding log lines and pushing to staging to find errors that I found in minutes with Rookout."


"By enabling us to resolve issues faster than before, Rookout significantly eased the transition from a Java Monolith to Kubernetes"


"Rookout is an essential part of our stack. We use it predominantly for debugging in our production environment and highly recommend using it to help resolve issues, faster."


“Rookout's Agile Flame Graphs give us the ability to instantly collect ad-hoc performance metrics from any line of code which is critical when dealing with live incidents"


"There's simply no other solution like Rookout’s Non- Breaking Breakpoints that gives my developers such a high level of insight into what is happening in our production environments."


"The introduction of Rookout into our software significantly reduced the time our developers spend on production maintenance tasks."


"By helping engineers get the relevant information they need from their code in their development and production systems, Rookout drastically reduces the time CyberMDX spends debugging."


“Rookout makes it much easier and much more comfortable to see things live and gather the necessary data."